Bavarian Knight of Dragons

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

At the moment I really don't have too much to show to you... I'm working on "secret" commissions, promo-paintjobs for new figures of my Forged Monkey range and a big metallics review for MV :)

But anyway, there are two figures I finished lately, first is "Brekkus of Bavaria", proud knight of the bavarian beer-knight order.

I painted this guy at the BÄM²! workshop as a demonstration object for different techniques etc.

And another big one down.... a commission that really kept me on my toes :)
This big badboy is named Typhaggahw and is sold by Maelstrom Games. Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon and around 17cm high and 18 cm long it is really a big chunk of drivelling, snapping wyvern meat!

Hope you like those two :)



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