Private Practice - a little sum up

by Roman aka jar

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Yesterday, high noon, I said goodbye again to Thorsten who took part in my first private practice, here at my place. We did not manage to make a little report yesterday as we painted really epic during the night. Thorsten arrived here on Tuesday and we started painting in the afternoon. Wednesday was a complete painting day and night, pretty relaxed with ... ok, I stop here as Thorsten told me that he will write some lines about his experience :) - I will meet him again next week at the upcoming BÄM-Workshop where we will do a good photo of the figure - we did not manage to do it here as time was limited ...

It was really a great experience for me - I guess the same for Thorsten - as we really managed to explore new grounds on both our painting style. I made some photos with a simple digital camera but soon there will be better ones :)

I did those during Wednesday night shortly before we went to bed in my cabinet with lightning by the camera - so they look kind of strange - anyway:

In the morning I've tried to make better ones with my poor camera but failed again - also I want to say that the base did not get much attention at all in the end :D - we really concentrated on the skin and different material parts and all sourrounded by technical aspects of painting, colour decisions and problem solving.

For me this was really an awesome experience and I enjoyed the days with Thorsten here at my place truely epic. I plan to do more of these private classes in the future but first there are other important things to finish.

A little information about my Diablo III problem: Yesterday I uninstalled the game with a lvl 60 Monk on Inferno. Just unsinstalled. I like to play and game but when I see that a whole game concept is prepared to really make me seriously addicted to stupid things like farming gold, kill stupid monsters and just lose time then I often think about those stupid things while doing them and in the end there are steps to take ... So, strange day without Diablo today but really Blizzard used to make better games in the past ... I think the financial aspects behind WOW really changed a lot in that company. Really, when I remember back to Warcraft I, this was a fun game ... about fun :)

Whatever ... Sometimes I just have to be Braveheart!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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