The magic drink ...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa to some more jungle madness ...

Another figure I did finish in the last weeks has a strange story too. Figure is from FIGONE (which hopefully will be available again soon! - September as I just read)

Started back in early 2011 I left her at Robert's in Graz as I did not want to see her again. She was somehow WIP but I did forget that I left her in Austria in Robert's cabinet. I found her this year in the same spot when I visited him and choose to take up with the figure again. It is nothing special, just a finished figure that had to be finished.

... but with the magic drink of "growing tall".
In the end it turned out to be a couple that drank the magic drink of tallness. Now it is time to get back again to normal seize. The man drank without discussion but now as the lady sees her lover so tiny she feels power rising up in her. So she really is not sure if she wants to get back to normal seize again and he ... yes, he seems to be lost by being small alone ... magic drink, maybe not!

Magic Drink
Figone, 28 mm

It was not easy to paint her proberly as I did not strip her from her early colours so there was already too much colour on her to start a new colour scheme :D

But for me it was fighting with the shadows of the past and winning the fight. 
The war is still on and this was just a little battle I have won :D

blablablubb ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: This Figure is for sale - contact me via mail if you are interested!


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