Today seems to be the day ...

by Roman aka jar

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... to finally find freedom again.

I told you about uninstalling Diablo III - I stood strong for one day without it, but I've watched a thousand movies on that day, so I reinstalled and was happy to play again, simple as it is.

I like the game, I like getting stronger with my Fist of Ytar, but in fact the game just steals my time. I am really happy to have Raffa living so close next to me as we both played the game together with Peter and often talked about stupid stuff like farming around for hours to buy horrible priced brandnew bracer or a helmet with totally great attributes that makes you 0.6 % stronger in your overall equipment and in the end you just die on Inferno. Jagganatah - that is the name of my character fought his way up to Act III on Inferno but I often felt like a little goblin with a knife fighting shermans. Yesterday night, during "painting and gaming" I just realized how stupid this game makes me, but I am still having fun. Today we had again a chat like real man, about the important things in life and questioned so many things. When playing on Inferno you will be a good player from your skills quick enough - if not you die a million deaths. Now only your equipment can make you a better character and it won't drop, you just farm and farm and farm to buy these glittering shiny earings with extra dexterity ... and yes 0.3% stronger ... let's farm some more and time is losing its meaning if you are sucked in what Blizzard has prepared - it really makes addicted and is bad, even it is a lot of fun in the end.

I stop.

Just giving Peter back his ultimate super ring he found and lent me and maybe he sells it in the real money auction house.

I stop.
Maybe I throw some of my items in the real money blizzard pool, but somehow this will take my time too for a stupid thing so I ain't sure yet but what I am sure about is that ...

I quit.
Not just uninstalling.
I quit.

As I love to paint again and maybe I will play another game on another day that makes me feel better after playing - when I am playing out for satisfaction and fun and not money farming to get 0.1% stronger or 8% better looking.

Time here I am again with this statement and some photos:

Ahhhhhh ... I just realized at the Orc that there is a tooth missing. There was minor damage on the Orc, sculped by mati when it arrived here at my place. I repaired many but missed a tooth?? C'mon!!
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! That is why I like to take photos once in a while :)

Will be repaired for sure ... as I now got the time to paint again :)
I quit.

... but not with happy painting!

And again it is time for hardcore jungle metal rock'n'roll Drums ...
as the news of our upcoming studio really rocks my heart!!!



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