Review - BÄM²-Painting Class, Aachen

by Roman aka jar

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It is now up to me to find the right words for what has happened last weekend.
Raffa and I teached our first class together.

As it looks like this won't be the last.

First of all ... no matter what ... I have to thank Roman and Uli who both did the "at place organisation" in a perfect way. As I already have been to Aachen for one of Jar's Beginners class I knew that both of them will do a great  job but in the end they made even more. Thanks for your help in every aspect and special thanks to Roman and Steffi for their great hospitality that was only weird due the monster moth attack where we all ran outside on the balcony to made new plans about defending ourselves.

I also want to thank every participant who took part in the weekends class. You really were brave to come and bravery always leads to freeeeeeedddddoooommmm!!! ... ya, you know! Thanks for taking part and making the weekend what it was.


Definatly something different than Jar's Beginners class this class was planned to be the follow up to the starter classes, held and still coming up (so don't worry they won't be stopped). We really had a good basic in our communication with all the participants who all already have been on the basic class.

There is a saying from the Beginners class: "There is nothing you can do wrong!" Our goal was to bring this saying a step further to:

"There is nothing you can do wrong, but there is a lot that you can do right!"

This was a main thought behind planning and structuring the class. The class should be limited to less participants, for more individual training options and should take the participants a step further in their personal stage or level at painting. There wasn't as much theory as in the Beginners class and way more time to paint, paint, paint, paint, paint and paint even more. I think in the end we at least painted 20 hours on this weekend :D

We took Brekk, the Lion from Forged Monkey for being Training Figure and recieved nice feedback on our choice as the bust really brings up all important elements and materials, has many different volumes and an intresting light situation on it for the training in different brush skills. Our goal was also to give the participants a guide on how to structure their future projects to not get lost without finishing it in the end (we all know these projects). We had some theory about deeper colour understanding, organized our areas on the bust and really had some hard thinking due these parts.

At this point I also want to thank our friend for a supporting the class with bust sockets for every participant. Even we had a little logistical post delivery problem with those sockets the busts will soon have wonderful sockets as I am packing and shipping the sockets to the participants in during the next days. Many thanks for the support and if you search a place to buy your sockets at, check ...

Again at this point I want to say my excuses to the participant about this little accident. You will soon recieve your parcel with your bust socket.

Ok, where were we?

Yeah, BÄM². That means we wanted to pick up every participant on his colourful journey after the beginners class, training his skills more and going more deep in our thoughts while painting. We wanted to pick the indivuals up from their actual skill level and show them how far they can reach during the weekend to take the next steps ahead on this everlasting journey. For us as the teaching team we can both say we were really proud on the results of all of you. It was a joy to see you learn and grow during such intense hours. Indeed it was really tought painting time the whole weekend with just short breaks to stretch the body and the stomach.

Some impressions of the class ...

Bananas always make Raffa go like ...

As you can see we have been busy painting.

Due all the painting time Raffa and I concentrated on the indivdual training of the participants and everyone made big step in progress over the days. Sure we did find some time to eat something and even listen to a soccer game on the radio.

On late Sunday it was time to take photos of all the Brekks and have some Feedback by the participant. Thanks to you all for your honest words to us on how we could improve the class even further. Here you now can see all the Busts we have painted:

Again Raffa and I want to say Gratitude to everyone who has been there.
It was our pleasure and we will cherish this class in our hearts for a long time.

We are not having any further plans for another BÄM² Class soon as there is already much going on in the next months. But be prepared when this colourful adventure will take place near you!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
Roman & Raffa 

PS: Thanks to Phil and Roman for the photos!!!


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