Pocahontas and more little girls ...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa on this sunny day!

As there is a lot of things to organize at the moment, including much painting stuff, the movement to our STUDIO that will take place in early July and many emails to write the jungle bounces very slow these days. Or at least I for my part think so.

Whatever my thoughts are, there are miniatures to show to you.
I once told you about a little girl of Privateer press that I have chosen as exchange figures with friends. I already recieved three of them now and managed to paint some back, but it still takes time to get my ideas done. I am really thankful to my friends for doing such nice projects. I really like this tiny girl as it can deliver great athmosphere and I got many ideas of her but way to less time to do them all at once and I am so corious on what my friends will do with her :D


I did finish a figure which goes back to Hamburg, to Steffen, the one and only Sockelmacher.
One of many to come. Steffen will recieve little "Pocahontas", a little native indian girl that rides her best friend "Mustang" to her party on her 5th birthday. The horse is sculpted by Maurizio Bruno, called "Roustam" - you can order it directly from him!

Privateer Press, tiny 28 mm

I hope Steffen will like her as I liked his figure. You got to know that he is pretty much in Wing-Tsun martial arts and so I really cherish this little reminder that the figure comes from him - very personal and I love it! Thanks to you so much Steffen!

I hope it is ok to present it here in the jungle ...

Many thanks to you, Mister!!!

While I still got to show some more amazing lil' girls I want to share some words on the base of Pocahontas. I somehow planned to make an article about my way of painting, on how I started the base, but I failed by just keeping track during progress. So I got only a few shots but maybe some interesting words for you.

At first I did not know that this project will be lil' Pocahontas in the end. I just wanted to paint Roustam on it, for testing Roustam as I use him on a bigger upcoming project too. So just a test run on where to put light and shadows on the volumes. Getting to know volumes :)

What I knew for sure was what basic colour to choose for the base. I wanted to have a springful strong colourful and natural base in the end. So I decided to pick a colour not that usual for painting the start. This decision came more from my stomach than from my brain but I like such decisions when it comes to happy painting.

While this struck me like a lightning too I decided to pace over to bring in some desaturated colours while it was still wet.

Give time to dry if you ain't using a hair dryer:

In the end the basic sketch of the base was done pretty quick ... dry:

Wow, magnificant information here :D - yeah that's it. That's the spot where progress got lost ...
Whatever, maybe it was a good read for some of you, maybe not. In the end I can say I always felt the vibration of this powerful green during base work.

What I realized during this little addition was that I am not in the mood to show more of the lil' exchange girls right now as they all deserve their single posting in the jungle :)

Read more about this topic soon!
Best Wishes


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