Pirate Bust Finished

by Peter aka Baphomet

Puhh.... finally it´s done. Last weekend I was in Augsburg for a nice painting night and forced myself to finish this never-ending-long-time-WIP.

Well, it´s surely not my best work, but I´m happy to see him finished in my cabinet.

What was the problem? Well, I started the bust in autumn last year and was very motivated. At the first look it´s seems like a nice and interesting bust, but as soon as you start painting it you see its bad parts. For example the wrinkles aroung the eyes... sometimes I thought they were sculped with a battle-axe, because they are very rough and deep... On the other hand I wanted to put my best into the bust and make it a nice piece.

Now I know that I had the wrong attitude... some minis/busts are made for great things and deserve your full attention, others don´t... so keep always in mind to enjoy your paintjob and don´t force you and the mini/bust into something that´s impossible :-)

but nevertheless it´s done and I think some of my friends will thank the gods for it ;-)

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