A frozen Moment

by Roman aka jar

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Hello again dear jungle,

this Sentinel by Games Workshop has been my entry for this years Golden Demon, Germany and I was happy to win a final pin with it in a very strong vehicle category.

It took a while for me to get this one done.

... due several things. Most time was spent on icicles, creating more and more of them. And some more. After serious moments of deep thinking there have been more and more icicles and icicles and icicles again. After they were placed correcting their ancles and do some more icicles for repair works and in the end before the final end, even more icicles and icicles and icicles and iccicilllsllllllddrrrpppssss ...

This article shows you how you can do icicles.

The antenna was done using acupuncture needles. If you are interested in the technique check the following article but really be careful when doing so as acupuncture needles do hurt, believe me, true story. You can also find an article about scratchbuilding the little ladder, here.

Fine needles used to add special effects to your model.

If you want to do your own icicles check the link above but don't do too many, believe me, sometimes you dream of icicles and dreams with icicles are not often pretty cool or warm dreams ;)
There is a little tragic story behind this frozen Sentinel. 
The story is about Mischka. Let me tell you the pretty unimportant tale of Mischka, the Sentinel pilot
"Mischka, the pilot was out on a scouting patrol for the imperial guard on planet Nacika IV. 
This planet is a small imperial outpost somewhere in the 40K Universe and is well known for its cold temperatures. For sure the imperial guard was prepared for the cold athmosphere but they could not know that an iceage is shortly ahead. It hit Mischka pretty hard and in the first seconds of thunderous blizzard whirlwinds he tried to run away but he just froze to the ground ... and the tragic story found its end. Maybe."

I hope you do like him and don't worry to much about Mischka. Someday the iceage on Nacika IV will come to an end and he will be freed from his prison ... but maybe Jack, the little mouse inside the Sentinel survived due all the cookies from Mischka - who knows ...

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes
BTW: I can't wait to see some photos of Oli's damn cool Fantasy Unit entry!!!


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