Review: Private Coaching with Nick & Yannick

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

recently I was coaching Yannick and Nick from Luxembourg!
Nick made this a suprise birthday gift for his friend, Yannick and we had some really cool days in our coaching. Not only good talks and chats about life, but we diggged deep in the topics the two buddies wanted to learn from me:

- Improving their Speed when painting Gaming Miniatures
- Improving their technical skills
- Learning more about color theory
- Learning to use the airbrush in this process

We did quite a lot of theory and training before we actually started to work on the miniature projects both brought with them. Also enjoyed tea, good chats and music in the meantime.

This is what Nick said about the coaching:

"On Monday and Tuesday this week I had the chance to take part in a coaching session with @romanlappat.miniatureart. In short: it was pretty amazing and Roman is a fantastic teacher.

I probably started out like most people watching and learning from youtube videos. Some might have joined one of the many patreons out there and are getting some direct feedback or video sessions. However, sitting down for two full days, face to face, with your teacher cannot be beat. The simple fact that ,when you try something and it looks off, you can simply go "hey teach..." helps a lot. That is something that's missing from youtube videos.

We started out talking about the basics, color mixing and volumes, and some exercises to go along with that. We tried to mix our own skin color, and we took some pre-mixed colors tontry and replicate the mixture. Super helpful and enlightening stuff, but not something I would do at home. Even with the occasional commission it is still a hobby for me and when I find the time, I like to paint and not do color mixing exercises even if they might be quite helpful.

We then did a practical application on some space marine helmets, which have a lot of different volumes. We followed that with an entire model. I picked the Pit Fiend from @loot.studios , and my friend, I had the coaching with, picked 4 tzeench models from Warhammer.

Finally, everything we did came together for the speedpainting, where we tried to apply everything we learned in just 25 minutes. And I think for the tabletop our Zombies turned out great. It is definitely something I am keen on doing more of in the future and the more I do it the quicker and better I'll get. To finish off the coaching Roman took some pictures of our models from the workshop and of models we brought along to show off.

Overall, I learned a lot that I'll try to incorporate in my future models. If you ever get the chance I can only recommend taking part in one of Roman's workshops."

 - Nick

I want to thank you both for the beautiful two days full of learning and fun!
Thank you for travelling to learn from me!

Keep on happy painting, Nick and Yannick!
Best Wishes,


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