FM: The Eye of the Storm

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

and a great start into the new week to you all.
Today I am able to show you one of my recently finished dioramas, called the "Eye of the Storm".
Yes, it is build in a frame and was a lot of composition fun. In the end it felt like pure canvas painting!

Eye of the Storm


Work: basing, conversion, painting, concept art, art direction
Scale: 28mm. Games Workshop

Actually I am totally blown away by the joy I had creating this. It feels so much like canvas painting and I love it. You will see more like it from my table in the future, be sure!


 If you are interested in a full step by step:


on this project you can check out my etsy shop for a complete write up from inspiration, composition thoughts and the basing and painting process.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


You want to learn from me?
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Enjoy and happy painting!


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