News: Massive Etsy Update!

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

time for a quick update what is happening on my end beside Coaching sessions and diving deep into my project pile. I can tell I am really enjoying to teach again. In person, but also with really beautiful tutorials and step by steps full of content via etsy.

I do have a little guilty conscience about writing most of my tutorials for etsy in the meantime, on one hand. On the other hand, I have not. It is very motivating recieving so much great and positive feedback for it and it makes me prepare more in depth tutorials. It is also a great opportunity for my self employment to build up knowledge there.

Why I do not write any tutorials for MV?
Well, it seems the time for blogs is somewhat over. Not many people read anymore, videos are the new thing and I do not like to present my knowledge in video format. Neither do I want to write free tutorials here which content is then probably used for a different person's youtube channel. Do not get me wrong, it is great to see things like the UHU glue tutorial or How to create tree fungi from tabacco used in youtube videos. Of course it is fine when people are inspired and use these old classics from the MV Jungle in their content, but somehow it does not feel right to add all of my knowledge for free use to everyone to generate clicks and money with it in their projects (youtube content).

Well, this above is all fine, but I hope you understand my point here. Massive Voodoo will see some future changes and these days some monkeys are thinking about making a Massive Voodoo Podcast to step up MV into the new age. Often we are talking together and see that most of our talks have Podcast quality and that the content would be interesting to many. At least we hope. We will talk about this more when the fruits are more ripe.

Well, etsy.
Yes, a lot is happening there - here is an update for you!
You can find all tutorials, step by steps and artprints here:

At the moment I am reorganising the size of my artprints to more comfortable framefitting size and will have a big update on these soon! Stay tuned and thank you for your support and great feedback:

You can find all tutorials, step by steps and artprints here:


Thank your will to learn from me, your support
and your wonderful feedback!

Keep on happy painting!


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