Review: Private Coaching with Stephan

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

many weeks ago I was teaching Stephan in a two day private coaching: Stephan had many questions to different materials and how to tackle them and he was doing many first timers.

me & Stephan

Stephan wanted to paint his first large model (a bust), painted his first female figure, heard about the principles of atmospheric painting for the first time and much more.

It has been two intense days filled with a steep learning curve and good chats. Unfortanetely we did not manage to finish the bust by @blackcrowminiatures in the two days as she was bigger than we thought, but we came a long way on all material questions and included them in the practical use of atmosphere painting. Her right arm was the area we came furthest. Stephan went home with many answers to his questions.

Thank you for the cool two days and your trust in my teachings, Stephan.

Thank you for coming, Stephan!

Keep on happy painting!


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