Review: Private Coaching with Sebastian

by Roman aka jar

Sebastian and me

 Hi Jungle,

some time ago I enjoyed helping Sebastian to improve his painting skills in a two day private coaching.

Sebastian discovered miniature painting again during home office and after a long, long break from it he started to paint again. Mainly for #tabletop, je started to paint his old #whf Empire Army. Sebastian wanted to learn many things during the two days:
  • technical improvement
  • light and shadow placement
  • how to improve faces and paint skintone
  • how to paint fabrics and leather
  • how to start a proper freehand for his army
  • how to paint metallics ...

I decided to help him with all of it, but also explain to him how he can paint atmosphere to his models to give him a roundabout happy painting flow and plan. His progress was a joy to watch in these two days!

Thank you for coming to my studio and your will to learn from me, Sebastian!

left: before the coaching, right: Sebastian's result

Thank you for coming, Sebastian!

Keep on happy painting!


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