Massive Voodoo is back!

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

it has been quite silent in September and October in here,
but now we are back. Back with bringing life
into the massive jungle of happy painting joy!

The last couple of months were packed with me moving studio and flat, organising, teaching and surviving all that positive stress. I had to put priorities on my list and accordingly with my monkey brothers we decided to keep the blog silent for a while. Also to prepare content and articles for you, our readers!

We will get back to a regular blog posts, high quality content, catch up with reviews, show you finished miniatures and have some suprises for you in form of articles! Read more about workshops, cool group projects, private coachings, the studio move and much more!

We are looking forward to good happy painting vibes with you!
Stay tuned and thank you for being with us!

Sometimes all that is needed is a good break and a strong coffee!


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