FM: The Lucky Fisherman of Visby - 1/72

by David

Hey all,

David here :)

welcome back to my little series where I show some projects I finished over the course of 2020. Today, I am happy to present to you in 1/72: The Lucky Fisherman of Visby.

Along with the Knight of the City of Lübeck and the Teutonic Knight (and a host of other, not yet finished minis), this vignette is part of a multi-project display I have been preparing for some time now on the topic of the Hanseatic League. The scene depicts a fisherman of the proud Hanseatic City of Visby who has just made the catch of his lifetime. The figure is a conversion of a wonderful white metal cast from Bad Boy Miniatures. I already converted and painted that mini in the past, but from the moment I had seen the mini for the first time, always had the idea to do this little fisherman scene. Here're a couple more perspectives on the mini:

Thanks for watching, folks. As always, I am always looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments. Talk to you soon!

Best, D.


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