I like to move it, move it!

by Roman aka jar



A big reason for me why the blog was so silent was indeend my third and fourth move this year.
2021: the year of moving too much! :D

While I moved flat in January 2021 I also moved the old MV studio into my flat back then as Covid-19 was confusing and I had no better idea or plan back then.

Life goes on and this Summer I decided to move out of this flat again as I was not happy there. My wonderful girlfriend and I decided to move together and also find a new studio nearby, if possible.

After some time of investigation and checking with limited options available I found this place:

Located, still in Augsburg, but a bit on the city edge it was close by to my new home and also a creative place of musicians and other artists. Also a part of the Kulturpark, I was lucky this room was free during the time I was searching for a studio place.

it was time to pack up
the old studio again

Batman can do that!

Let's bring it on!

Days of unpacking, organising the place

Realized this is - for the first time - my very first own studio that I feel good with

It was a joy to get this ready ...

Area for breaks and private coaching discussion, away from the painting table

Sunsets at the studio!!!

2021 was quite the ride.
A ride that did not left me with much powers to settle down and arrive.
This is acctually quite essential for me to calm down and paint big plans and happily.
Now all feels right and just and good and I am looking forward to swing the brush and settle in, arrive.
I am looking forward to many wonderful experiences in this new studio, finding back to my creative flow, meeting many nice students during private coachings and painting with friends...

I swear I will not move anything anymore in the close future!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes



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