Review: Private Coaching with Maarten

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,
time for catching up with teaching reviews from 2019.
Maarten from the Netherlands visited me for a two day private coaching in the MV studio in December 2019. What a good time we had. Great chats, great learning curves on painting and many click moments.

Maarten & me

For me it is always important that my students find their own words on how they experienced the coaching. Maarten approached me to go a step further in his painting. He told me he was hitting a wall with his painting spirit and approach in painting recipes and not understanding the full picture on how you can approach a miniature project differently.

Maarten says:

"With turning another year older, i got a great gift from my girlfriend, a 2 day private coaching with Roman. Something i sometimes brought up, especially when the hobby didn't work out from brain to brush. 

After agreeing on the learning goals (Painting bust, painting atmosphere, focus on skin)  I went to Augsburg. 

We started with a bunch of theory and exercices. From this painting started to make sense. It can actually be understood, so great fun and a great result for me.

Roman thaught me how to paint atmosphere on a miniatures, and while doing this i got a lot of different tips and tricks to help me improve. The thing i liked in working together on learning this was the fact that while Roman is a idea catapult there was much room for mine ideas about painting this bust and other project we discussed. We paintend atmosphere e in a way that suits me.

The result on the miniature is very rewarding, totally forget we painted the second day for almost 12 hours.

After this workshop i 'm painting at home wih more confidence, i know what i'm doing, en with a lot to practice. And this practice is great fun." 

- Maarten

 Painting and learning the hours away ...

Maarten's result stunned me as a teacher ...

Thank you for the cool two days, Maarten!
Keep on happy painting!


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