Inspiration Monday

by Josua Lai

Hey Jungle!

I want to introduce a format that will take place as regularly as possible.
In every Inspiration Monday post you will find a collection of inspirational stuff collected from the whole MV Team. They may say some words about it or just drop it without any words . Expect to see and hear some pretty awesome stuff to get the creative juices flowing.


This is the archive of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition. You can view photos online, and download the PDF eBooks for free. These landscape photographs might help a lot in thinking about atmosphere and the influence of different ambiences on light on miniatures. They even might help a bit in thinking about composition and balance of elements in your dioramas/vignettes/scenes.

Landscape Photographer of the year

I love his Flow in his lines  and how he creates volume with it. It inspires me to give the same Flow to my brushstrokes

Benjamin Basso

James Gurney is not only author of the incredible book color and light. He also has a YouTube channel where he shows the process behind his breath-taking gouache paintings. Watch close and learn.

I hope the links where able to inspire you folks on this Monday.

Cheers Josua 


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