FIN: Human & Project Insight

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

another bust finished.
This time from Beyond Miniatures. It is a so called anatomic bust, named Dahak.
A great sculpt by Raul Garcia Latorre. I did change it a little as I was mainly interested in painting his face not the full body. So I sanded it off to focus on the face.

Paintjob Insight:
It was a really cool approach for me. I first put a basic skin color to the full bust and then used thick watercolor to place it for skin variations:


I used my shadow skin color, middle tone skin color and highlight skin color to mix it directly with the variations I plan with the watercolor ...


This was such a cool base to start from and it was ace quick. Of course the watercolor would be removable if it would not mix properly with the acrylic color, but I mixed it. And so I was able to paint on top of it.

I really enjoyed working on this skin with texture. For my taste skin looks so much more alive.
I hope you like it!

You can also find the bust up to:

This bust is in private collection.
Thank you for your support!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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