FIN: Catwoman

by Roman aka jar

Heyho Jungle people,

just recently I got myself some Batman Boardgames y Knight Models.
I was superhappy with the quality of the models in Resin and as a big Batman Fan myself (even starting to proper cosplay) I do enjoy these sets a lot.

I will not play them, but will once in a while paint up a figure.
This just happened with Catwoman, a very fragile sculpt and really beautiful. Based her and put a cat to her base. And yes, converted her. Removed the gun from her hand and gave her a flashlight.

Knight Models, 28 mm

This was really enjoyable.
I created her as a give away to celebrate 20K Followers via my Instagram

Check for this upload there and comment with tagging a friend to be able to take part in the raffle that will happen on Thursday, 20th of February.

Viking-Batman approved! (Told ya, Cosplay! :D)

Keep on happy painting!
Ba... Roman


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