Review: Private Coaching with Christian

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

... time for another teaching review. Christian was visiting me for a two day private coaching and we enjoyed two beautiful days in the MV Studio with an incredible learning curve for Christian.

Christian & me

This is what Christian has to say about his coaching session:

"After one beginner workshop and an OSL / speed painting weekend last year, Roman's private coaching was my third trip to Augsburg and my first visit to the Massive Voodoo Studio. Just visiting this incredible studio was almost worth the trip.

Roman had proposed "painting atmosphere" as the subject of our coaching and I had brought the bust "The Alchemist" by Lucas Pina to Augsburg.

The first day was a mixture of exercises to warm up, theoretical basics and starting to paint the bust. The second day was all about painting. After the first day, I had some doubts whether we would finish the bust, but according to Roman, we were right on schedule. He was right of course and at the end of the second day, I actually held my first finished bust in hands!

Both days were an intensive mixture of theory and actual painting. It was super exciting and helpful that Roman showed me how to design a painting concept from an initial idea and then gradually implement it. Equipped with this new tool in my toolbox, I now have the feeling that I can plan and start painting projects much better.

It was incredibly fascinating to get to know Roman's approach to painting and not to focus so much on details as the "perfect blend" or any technique, but to enjoy the process of painting without constant fear of making mistakes.  

Roman is simply a great teacher who shows his enthusiasm not only for painting but also for teaching and who succeeds in teaching and sharing his philosophy, great knowledge and experience as an artist in an understandable and joyful way.

Many thanks to Roman for two great days! 
I hope to be able to visit Augsburg again soon."- Christian


Christian and I enjoyed two really intense painting days together. It is really beautiful to see and feel the click moments of a student while teaching.

Christian's result

Thank you for the cool two days, Christian!
Keep on happy painting!


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