Review: Private Coaching with Nicolas

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
today it is time for another private coaching review.

This time Roman got visited by Nicolas from France for some happy painting teaching. Nicolas said something so beautiful when he showed up in the MV studio:

"I decided to come to you for private coaching as I want to become a happy painter first, before I will grow to a better painter!"

Roman & Nicolas

Nicolas visited the MV studio back in summer 2017.
It was quite hot in the MV studio and all paints on our wetpalettes had to be stored in the refrigerator due painting breaks.

Nicolas wanted to learn on how to paint more atmospheric influance in his figure projects and after some mails to clarify the topic and decide for a figure we meet up for tons of theory first.

Just a beatiful happening during the coaching ...

Nicolas decided for a figure with base and we started our atmospheric paintjob on the base as it plays a really important part when you want to create a strong atmosphere.

Nicolas, painting and focused.

The basework continues.

We are also taking care of the figure for the global overview and let everything grow together.

We painted on and on and put the theory lessons we had to the figure. It was really enjoyable to see Nicolas' project grow and his joy in painting rise. Additional to the steep learning curve we also enjoyed nice talks about life and more.

Thanks, Nicolas for
putting your trust in my teaching skills and your will to travel for this coaching.
It was my absolute pleasure!

This is what Nicolas has to say:

So, here are some of my thought from this review. 
- "To Have A Vision" : we started looking at my mini and you asked me to tell you its story : who is this lady ? Where does she come from ? What is she doing ? Dealing with her background was the first step to build my mental vision of the mini and in the end I feel it was the most difficult moment during these two days.
- "No Lego Building" : Based on this vision you gave me advises to improve the base and create a first layer of the atmosphere.
- "Unconstructing / Reconstructing colours" : Next steps were dedicated to colour theory and painting atmosphere followed by "painting exercises" : mixing primary colours and white and black to copy my skin tone and colors from GW and Vallejo paints. This was educational and a lot of fun ! Once back home I bought primary colors and I'm now playing with them
- "Pushing me in the right direction": your quotes are unforgettable "Wax on, wax off", "Use a bigger brush / palette", "Do not listen to the Sith out there", "Disturbed is the OST for Space Marines", ...

In the end, it was a really nice moment that really changed my mindset about painting (and maybe a little more).

Keep on happy painting. Nicolas!


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