Important Clarification

by Massive Voodoo

Here is a short clarification
of our post about competitions from yesterday.
First of all we do not say competitions are bad or should be removed and of course we do not want to harm any show. We love them all, visit them and participate at them. Go and take part in competitions. It's fun and exciting!

Maybe our post was too long and too personal.
We would love to see an open mind towards out-of-competition. Combine competition and exhibition. It is possible, happening here and there already in a very small scale and if it would grow bigger everyone would benefit from it. Competition is less crowded, exhibition can have its own place as an own category in the same area. Visitors can enjoy a competition and an exhibition at the same time.

Painters can decide on their personal preferences where to enter.
To compete or not to compete, but the decision would be open to everyone and if both happening in the same spot all projects can be looked upon with the same equality, no matter if they are made for competing or not. People have their own reasons to enter competitions and have their own reasons to not enter competitions. They might differ from person to person.

All of the shows nowadays are based on a competition (with very few exceptions). So if you want to show your work in real life and meet other artists, you basically grow into a competition scene wether you like it or not.

Imagine you have 10 figures,
only one should take part in the competition, but you want to show them all. Or you don't want to compete at all. You are forced to place your work inside a arena where it has to compete.

A dedicated area inside the show room for out-of-competion would be a simple solution. Nothing fancy but maybe with name signs. Or even project signs. Everyone had this moment during a show where you thought, awesome work but who made this?! Respect the artists and don't hide them in the crowd. Of course in our case we do not have a problem with paying our cuts of fee to enter the competition/exhibition and we will do as we would like to support the event.

Long story short:
Some more alternatives to exhibit instead of competing, would be great. We are NOT saying fckcompetitions, we are saying we wish for more variety to let everyone decide for himself.
Is this a bad wish?

Change can be good.
Open for discussion as we have the feeling that many people take us for devils or evil spirits now and this is absolutely not our intention :)


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