MV Challenge - the galleries #01

by Roman aka jar

ladies and gentleman,
it is about time. Time for something special:
All entries for the MV's challenges.

Total numbers

Waterbase challenge: 34
Infinity challenge: 66

Well, of course we can not upload all entries at once.
This would be just too much beauty at once and would not garantuee available time to appreciate your beautiful entries. We want to thank everyone who took part once again for showing us that you are a winner painter. A painter who wants to win experience and goes for uncommon topics to discover a journey and new experiences! You all rock!

We recieved so many nice comments and stories while recieving your entries, like Audrey confirming us why we announced this contest:

"... and I wanna thank you for giving me my very first opportunity to push my skills, on a topic fun and interesting for someone who is still a beginner." - Audrey

Some things you got to know now
- challenge timeline:

  • The next weeks in your painting jungle will be filled with galleries to this challenge.
  • We are not planning on doing much more, but we already know that one really cool Miniatures Unpacked and - finally - the roadmap for some painting workshops in early 2018 will appear. Sorry for the upcoming interruptions, but life can get hectic once in a while.
  • One day you will see 5-7 Infinity entries, next day you will see waterbases.We keep it up, switching like this.
  • Entries will be shown with first names only. Additionally they will be shown in random order, no not really. We are using the alphabet as a helper here, but still without any connections to any medals or wins. Entries showed will be linked up to the overview in the actual posting.
  • As soon as all entries are shown on MV we will add them to a big google overall gallery. After this we will announce the random prize pool winners.
  • After this Josua and I judge the contest to find its winners (pffft! Crazy hard work ahead!)

We are starting the galleries tomorrow :)
Prepare yourself for amazing fun, incredible colors and water bases that will inspire you to create your own! Prepare yourself to share it with friends in your social networks. We are finalizing the uploads and prepare everything for you!


"Also big ups for Josua for his water plints. This bloody water was so damn hard for me 
 I’ve tried 3 times to make this base, at 4th time it looked as I wanted.

I was really proud how came out the first one (a statue of a woman with a baby in the ocean), I also sculpt little nemo for this one – but unfortunetly I gave to much paint for the resin and water came out too cloudy… This was little disaster for me but I had another idea, horse statue. This one went out pretty well but it was too big. The resin in the middle didn't harden and I had to throw it away… After this one I was close to give up but I took lessons from this 2 failures and made 2 more bases using barrels. I think these two came out great 
The barrel on the beach is made for the competition and the second one is my little trophy which will remind me not to give up. Maybe you will be curious about how the previous ones was looking so I will upload them as WIP"

                                                                                                                                              - Kosma


"Dear Roman,

I have been a passionate supporter of massive voodoo for approx 8 years now and recently had an incredible joy in painting my latest project for the MV Infinity challenge that i felt compelled to share this with you.

For many years i have been in love with your freedom of color and your hard work in driving this artform forward. I have watched your skills grow and still become amazed when i see a new piece. The way you almost throw color randomly and without care is astonishing and your use of light is groundbreaking.

I recently started sharing my work on Instagram under wildstorm_studios after having grown the confidence in my work. I have always been inspired by how you see this "hobby" as art, true art!! And this inspired me to approach all my works with the same vigor and drive to be creative and explore.

I then mustered up the courage to enter your latest challenge, the Disney infinity Challenge. AT first it seemed so fresh and different but soon it became a journey of freedom for me. The inspiration you have provided for years and the drive to be as creative as possible was too hard to resist.

Over the years you have taught me about composition, use of alternate materials and mediums, you taught me to tell a story with the base, to give context and narrative. And in this piece i brought it all to bear. This is without doubt not my most technical piece, but it is certainly the one that has given me the most joy.

I have used everything in this piece from Acrylics, Inks, pigments, pastels, REAL feathers, card, sewing pins and even a decorative needle,  even FLUORESCENT PAINT!!!
I thank you for all your tutorials, helpful tips, insights and your freedom of creativity. THANK YOU"

                                                                                                                                                  - Richard

You want to support Massive Voodoo not only with shipping prizes for this challenge? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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