Musica & MV challenge Info

by Roman aka jar

We got to skip this week's tip of the week

due post-SMC-symptoms. SMC was great and now all I feel is being happily tired :)
So I only got music for you and some information on how we continue with the MV challenge.

First music:

Find my personal music playlist that I am listening to while happy or epic painting

Now Info to the MV challenge:
- this week is for preparing everything. Entries will be saved to hard disks, sorted by your names and ordered in categories. Also check backs with mails if something is confusing.

- The galleries will start to show up next week. Not all at once, but in several posts during the full week. Not in any particular order. You took your time to create, we take the same time to prepare and give attention to your entries by showing them in smaller groups to not overload the internet with it.

- After this we will draw the random prize pool and inform you about the winners.

- After this Josua and Roman will take about one week of judging to find out the ones who recieve a medal. This will be a hard task and we can already tell you that all of you have already won by just taking part and creating such an amazing upcoming gallery!

- Of course we will keep you informed about upcoming steps!

Stay tuned!

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