Information: MV Ultimate Paint Rack

by Massive Voodoo

Hello fellow painters,

since several months - weekly - we got some questions about MV's Ultimate Paint Rack dropping in.
And we always tell everyone what we can say.

As MV monkey Raffa is the project manager of the Paint Rack Campaign and also the mastermind behind the paintrack we other MV monkeys do know little about it, nor are we part of the process.

These are the facts right now:
  •  The MV Ultimate Paint Rack is not on sale at the moment
  •  We do not know about future production plans
  •  We can not give you an estimated date when they will be available
  •  There is no option to hand out the design files
  •  We can only give you the information Raffa gave us

From today on we will link all messages, mails and questions regarding the future of MV's Ultimate Paint Rack to this post as typing plenty of messages a week to this topic can be quite frustrating, if there is nothing new or good to tell you.

Stay tuned and hope for the future!


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