Review: Private Coaching with Mads

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

today it is time for another private coaching review. This time ...

I have met Mads for the first time on my beginners class in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016 and really was happy when I recieved a mail from him asking to learn more from me.

"Even though I had only met Roman once before he really made me feel as I was meeting an old friend and I instantly felt at home in the studio." - Mads

We both talked through some mails on what Mads wanted to learn and quickly realized that my very popular coaching of the understanding of atmosphere would answer many questions Mads had in his mind. We did meet up in the middle of winter beauty in the warm Massive Voodoo Studio. Atmosphere was already present, now it was time to learn how to extract the knowledge out of nature observations and put it into Mads figure projects.

"Roman was simply great at guiding and observing what I did and with short explanations and tips push me beyond the limits of what I thought was possible to do. Never would I have thought it would be possible to learn so much in such a short amount of time." - Mads

View from the studio.

We spoke through plenty of theory, did some of my teaching exercises and I was happy to see Mads understand the principles about  it very fast. Some plans were made, before we did start on the model that Mads prepared already as homework.

A really important lesson in my coaching about atmosphere: a wolve.

Much needed sketches we did for planning purposes.

"It was finally time to begin putting paint on the base and miniature. We started by applying an environment color to the base and miniature and then using that as a basis/addition for everything painted on after – this is something I cannot recommend enough as it brings the miniature together in the end." - Mads

Mads focused on succeding on his learning goals.

"While Roman already has pushed my understanding and approach to painting it after this phase he truly showed how great a teacher he is and how great his philosophy for painting is. He had observed that I was a nervous and worried about doing something wrong and messing up the project – a trait that has been “blocking” my creativity on all previous projects. We talked about it and he asked if I was willing to be pushed even further and out of my comfort zone and I agreed (if to be guided and pushed by Roman then why would I even be there). Roman wanted to push me out of my comfort zone by having me paint the base with my fingers!!!? "
- Mads

The two days of the coaching went by pretty fast and we managed to achieve more than I expected as a teacher. Mads as a student made me really proud.

If you want to read Mads impressions on the coaching first hand then I can only recommend checking out his new blog and find his review of the coaching there too:

Painterly - Mads' Painting blog

Mads' result of the two day coaching

What I saw as a teacher made me pretty sure that Mads now will strive forward to new adventures, ask himself new questions on painting and would observe his entire world with different eyes.

"I learned a lot and have had a bunch of fun painting since then - learning more every day!" - Mads

Some posing
Mads & Roman

Keep on happy painting, Mads!

Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
Right now I am fully booked with two day MV private coachings until the end of September 2017. All requests from now on will be planned up for autumn 2017. Right now I can not give you any specific dates yet, as I the second half of 2017 will be planned around weekend seminars and these will be settled in June/July.


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