Musica & Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

This lady and her voice are gorgeous ...

Something on my soul again that I have to write down. It is about the early months of 2017 were I tried to make vacation from blogging in the jungle due my lack of energy and motivations. Somehow I went through a foggy valley and the break in blogging showed me several things:

  • I miss blogging in here. If I do not do it in here I feel somehow restless and unhappy.
  • Massive Voodoo is not only a blog for me, where I share my work and ideas and thoughts
  • Massive Voodoo is some kind of friend for me, a harbour to share and be myself
  • Massive Voodoo is also a great tool to stay connected and communicate
  • Many thanks for the many conversations I had with many people recently. Not only for me, but also for you Massive Voodoo communicates so much. Not only content, but also a philosophy, a way of life, a spirit and much more. When I quit writing for some time I missed that link to you all - the readers of the blog, other miniature painters outthere - and it made me sad. It took me quite a while to understand this. 
  • Somehow Massive Voodoo turned more work for me in 2016 and many blogposts were "work influanced", but I slowly want to change this again. I am finding back to my roots of using MV as a tool to communicate, share energies and vibes instead of numb, heartless posts. This Kong Fu is to understand it all and a step in this direction.
  • I am really happy to have my own artist portfolio online now - - so I can seperate the working part more from the initial spirit of Massive Voodoo and find back to its roots. Everyone who is blogging in the field of miniature painting regularly for a while will know what I mean. Doing it since 2009 now. This split is a little bit like working from home and then moving work to a studio place like I did in the past. It seperates things more clearly for oneself. 
  • Life sometimes needs a readjusting with several things, some of these steps go easy, others hard. Some are easy to see and understand and tackle, others not. And as Massive Voodoo is a part of my life, spirit, personality I am up to tackle things in here too :)
So for those of you who fear Massive Voodoo someday being forgotten or going behind, fear not :) ... finishing this with some more music (actually really happy to enjoy music once again, really had some months where every kind of music and noise annoyed me):

- Roman


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