Jacques de Molay

by Roman aka jar

Heyho Jungle,

several weeks ago I was able to finish a bust I started during the private coaching with Alex, Paul and Marcus. It is a gruel topic, Jacques de Molay, last grandmaster of the Templar Order, while being burned in Paris. A bust by Pegaso Models.

This bust is not for sale, as it will be raffled during the NOVA Open 2017,
via NOVA Open Charitable Foundation.

I am very proud to be a part of this compassionate force that gathers artist and gamers to help support for example Doctors without Borders.

Jacques here will be one of my two models this year for the raffle. The other one will be shown soon in the jungle.  I will also teach seminars and help to judge the Capital Palette 2017 at the NOVA OPEN. Hope to see you there!

More information on the NOVA OPEN 2017!

Now back to Paris and a pile of wood.

Jacques de Molay
Pegaso Models, 1/9

I started this bust with a finger sketch ... that was fun.

Gruel topic I know, but check back how you can learn to be creative and setup this model in a complete different theme.

Keep on happy painting!


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