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by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

another week passed by and we hope everyone is enjoying his weekend with some painting time on his/her hands. We want to show you what we got in stock for you for the next upcoming week.

In one of next weeks upcoming blogposts Roman is doing another review of an art book. A book taking you far beyond unknown horizons and a book that inspired Roman to draw again. Tons of inspiration ahead:

A Private Coaching review will drop in next week too. Roman was teaching his two day students Paul, Alex and Marcus about creative ways of thinking, planning and approaching a figure project. A lot of fun and technical experiments that helped Roman's student to work more freely through their projects without being stuck, limited and bound to a specific techniqual work order.

Something funny. Roman recently encountered "faceapp" and it will be time for some smiling busts of some of his most well known miniature projects. Time for plenty of smiles we bet.

Not happened this week was a big review of Roman's second Advanced Class he recently held in Blumberg-Achdorf. Teaching about atmosphere and how you can include it in your paintjobs and how it will overhaul your way of working and thinking. This review will arrive the upcoming week.

Stay tuned for more and enjoy the weekend!
Keep on happy painting!


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