Workshop News

by Massive Voodoo

MV monkeys Roman and Peter head out to Blumberg-Achdorf, Germany,
where Roman will teach his second edition of the full weekend seminar, called MV's Jar's Advanced class.  The class is also a deluxe class as we are all together sleeping in a big house and food all together.

The class itself is mainly about a basic understanding of atmosphere and how to apply it to your own personal way of painting, but also about skintone, painting the color black and white and learning plenty of things about a good harmonic feeling on color theory. We even work on tattoos, OSL and basic conversion work. A good push forward in everyone's painting level this will be.

Both are very much looking forward to a group of advanced students and a big bunch of friends. Sixteen students will paint together with Roman and Peter in this fully booked seminar. While Peter is taking the class as a student too and again, he will also be Roman's sidekick in terms of support.

Massive Voodoo is really looking forward and we want to thank Hasslefree Miniatures and for their support in this event. We hope the beautiful place of Blumberg is greeting us with tons of spring sun and we get enough sleep to hold the brushes.

See you all soon on the weekend and if you want to stay connected with some updates from the class you should check Massive Voodoo on facebook.

Ready, set, paint!


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