Mu 98 - The Drowned Earth, The Firm & Sage

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle Painters,

time for another fresh review on MV.

This is review #98 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.
Today Roman will take a closer look on some miniatures from a fresh and brand new miniature board game called

"The Drowned Earth"

A SciFi based boardgame that looks like tons of fun and has some really cool miniatures and factions. They have Gorillas and you know how much we all love Gorillas here in the jungle. And this game is absolutely jungle, massive jungle.

You can find the Kickstarter and many informations around the game here:
Drowned Earth Miniature Game Kickstarter

Drowned Earth plays in a post-apocalyptic world. Towns have gone and the remains are turning forests and jungles. We like this setting pretty much! Sounds like a lot of monkey fun playgrounds. If you are interested in a let's play, check this link.
This review is supported by external photos, copyright Drowned Earth. 
Let's jump in the jungle, we recieved some miniatures to review:


We recieved the full faction (gang) called "the Firm". 
A group of gangsters, rocketeers and thieves.

What we know: We are pretty sure, this is pre-official release and this packing will not be the final packing of the products you support the kickstarter for. Pretty sure.

The Firm in its full glory - look at the Gorilla, we love him so much!

Let's have a look on the models now. 
First of course, "Hosk" the Gorilla with his super-energy-hammer, his blunt weapon of choice. Wielded in Gorilla arms this makes definatly kaboom when hitting its foe.

Hosk arrives in a white metal - as the other models too - and has a very dynamic pose that underlines his energy and will to smash.

White Metal is pretty hard to photograph, and this seems to be supershiny white-metal :D

Hosk arrives in four parts, which are easy to attach. The models have been designed in 3D and you can see the quality by the prepared fitting moulds. Lovely.

Even complex models, like Mirja here fits so well together that even without superglue you can attach them already. Sweet. 

Well, Mirja looks very complex at first sight, but also arrives in only four parts.

A little Artwork from Drowned Earth to show the great atmosphere of the game.

Next we got Lissz, who is definatly a lizardman hybrid ninja thing ... she looks stealthy and arrives in six parts.
 Lizardlady ...

Next we got "Wenk", who arrives in three parts (head is single too) and he seems to be the sharpshooter of the gang.

Kaneda is the Ronin of the Firm as it looks like,
he likes close combat and uzis.  He arrives in three parts.

Let have a closer look on one model, another Gorilla by the gang, called the Artifacters.
Every gang has a gorilla and a lizard, really cool. We will look at "Sage", who is a rogue and tomb raider. Exploring, less smashing.

Sage arrives in four different parts:

The overall quality of the white metal casts is good. The design of the models is pretty unique and we really like it. Some poses are really cool, some need a moment to be understood as the model is in full action.

"Sage" here, well he seems in the middle of exploring old ruins and looking deeply into the lizards eye. We really like these different poses, Sage here could also be a great model for a display diorama.

 Look me in the eye, lizard!

 Really amazing on these white metal figures are not only the concepts, but also the fitting quality. This is just superb. Everything goes where it should go, easily, hasslefree.

Have a look yourselve to the Kickstarter and many informations around the game here:
Drowned Earth Miniature Game Kickstarter

Massive Voodoo wishes James, from The Drowned Earth all the best with the  Kickstarter and many supporters and backers as this project is so well thought and great looking.



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