Multitasking Kong Fu

by Massive Voodoo

this post was initially meant to be something else,
but you know that the jungle always was and always will be some kind of diary for me.
Now it is again. I call this a good sign.

Btw Roman writing.
I got things messed up with the accounts.

I wanted to tell you how great I feel being well prepared for a 2017 full of blogging on Massive Voodoo.

How I prepare posts in advance, how many tutorials I still have in the back of my folders from 2016.
How good I feel being so well prepared and how much I am looking forward to post on MV for our readers.

... but unexpected everything came different.
After my weekend seminar in Hamburg I realized I am a little overworked, burned out. Not as bad as I once were, but still visible signals that showed me that I have to go on vacation.
Now I am on vacation since about three weeks. Sadly I was not able to head out, travel and conquer the world and its beauty.

"Vacation" for me looks like this right now: 
Not painting figures all, but I cleaned up and prepared my workspace in the studio, write my regular emails (but much slower and relaxed, thanks for your patience everyone). 

I delayed some comission work for later to be really able to paint them with my natural strength (thanks for understanding everyone). I canceled the Basing Seminar in Sweden due taking time off in August to be able to go on a travel holiday with my girlfriend and recharge. Of course we will do the class in the future. I'll be there. Why no travel journey right now you might ask? Well, I do not know. Maybe I was already a bit too well prepared. Dates like private coachings, seminars and my first exhibition outside the miniature world quickly showed me that I am not able to completly shut off from work as there is work to do.

So I calmed down from being close to a burnout with preparing stuff for a flea market in May, sold many of my books, cleaned up and cleaned up again. Did write most important emails and such and cleaned the flat again. Meanwhile enjoying early spring sun whenever possible.

After some days without studio and miniatures I realized that some creativity shows up through the fog of grey color again. I started to draw some drawings for the exhibition (as first I did not know what to show there, me as a full artist with miniatures, photos and illustrations) and decided which photos I will show during this event. Some days ago - as I am holding the exhibition together with a good friend and canvas painter, Susanne Ziegler - we went to the place and checked the available rooms in the castle and I realized through talks and brainstorms that my main focus of this exhibition will be miniatures as this is mostly me when it comes to my art.

I see this as a good chance to show the passion about miniature art to people who have never seen it before. A small step for humanity, but a big step for the miniature world. Therefor I am in the middle of planning explanation boards to show more about miniature painting than only the models I have painted. This will be interesting and I might bring you some more information to this when available.
I took the chance of the exhibition to put some more work to my artist portfolio homepage I got in the making since 1,5 years now. I think it could be nice, if people want to see more of my work after visiting the exhibition. Sure I will also link to Massive Voodoo, but as I have heard from my mum: Many people who do not know the miniature world do not understand the Massive Voodoo blog on the first sight. It is too confusing and she is right. So, in my vacation I am also working on this.

Several other bigger projects for 2017/18 keep my mind occoupied also. Since I decided to exhibit mainly miniatures I did quit drawing. Now I am preparing plenty of posters and art prints for the exhibition.

MV's Jar's Advanced Class - Blumberg
I am pretty much looking forward to go to Blumberg next weekend to hold my second Advanced Class ever. Greatly supported by Hasslefree Miniatures. I will meet many friends and long time students of mine and will push them forward in their understanding of applying strong atmosphere to their models. Even if I am not painting much myself these days I am really looking forward to teach. Also it will be a nice weekend around the seminar as I am heading there with my monkeybrother Peter, visiting him earlier in Stuttgart.

Massive Voodoo Blog Posts
Well, lately I have realized, that I am saying I am on vacation. I do holidays from painting miniatures and blogging, right, but still I am working on other things. I think it just has to be like that and I can not force myself to anything. Listening to the flow again, I am looking forward to some more posts by me, here in the Massive Voodoo jungle. Let's see when they drop in and when I touch a brush again. I bet on the upcoming weekend :)

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