Update on Spartan Warrior - Kopis and Aspis

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

Roman finished a bust of a Spartan Warrior by Pegaso in the end of 2016, which was not finished at all. Now it is finished, because it was missing something.

An Aspis (shield of the hoplite) and a Kopis (sword of the ancient hoplites).
Roman asked Raffaele Picca if he would sculpt this for him in 3D, Matt Cexwish's Pro Tools did the 3D prints in Berlin. Thanks also to Kirill Kanaev who helped Roman to get a shield by Young Miniatures. In the end it turned out that Roman and his client had to decide what shield to use ...

Really sweet work by Raffaele.

Kopis in place. Check.

Shield #01

Both options. We decided on the right one as if you think about the scale of the model (1:11) this shield needs to be bigger than the version on the left. In real a Aspis was about one meter of diameter. Super-huge, but super-protective and super-heavy, only for super-strong ancient warriors.

Right size.

Roman finished the paintjob on the shield and the kopis and attached both to the bust. His client was superhappy with it and they are already planning their historical project for 2017.

If you want to see more photos of the project, please check back with Putty&Paint.

Keep on happy painting!


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