Luna's soldier

by Oli aka HonourGuard


some time passed since my last post.
I made a lot updates on my personal pages, some interviews for homepages, but didn't share anything here. So I thought it would be a good time to write and show you some news again. Or also older works that I have finished over the last year.

In the past year I worked on a lot comission works, the most I have every did and it was a really great time in basing and painting, with interesting projects and clients. But also had some personal figures to paint. I had the opportunity to create a lot after my personal decisions, so I still was very flexibel in the development of the projects. I hope in the future I can work more with comissions to make this as a part time job to my regular work.

I want to start with showing you Luna's soldier a nice female model from Nocturna, I liked all their latest releases with the female models a lot. And so finally I throw some colors on a figure of them. I think it was the first bigger female model that I have painted in all time.

Luna's soldier, with and without colors

Luna's soldier:

Together with the client, we decided to create a nice diorama base with big stairs. I wanted to give it a more unusual, fantastic look with the aborted stairs and a dark and cold color sheme. For the base I picked up and old WIP-Base and started to sculpt the basic volumes of the stairs and the archway on it. In the next days I added the stone structure to this volumes with Milliput. I wanted to create a very interesting stone structure on it, which gave me a lot playground for the painting and basing process.

Create the basic volumes:

Created little rough walls with Milliput: 

Finished Base: 

Now to colors and to the final result. I tried to realise a very dark atmosphere on the figure and on the base too.

I hope you like this version of Luna. Here are the links to the complete gallerys you can find in the net:

Checkout my Miniature-Sale catalouge if you want to support my art!
And the work of the other Massive Voodoo mates too for sure :)

Best regards


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