MU 93 - Welcome to the Metro, 75mm

by Massive Voodoo

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today it is time for another review on MV. 
This is review #93

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Today we will have a look on a post-apocalyptic miniature, from Peter Müller´s NextStep Painting

Some of you might know this miniature and Peter just got his hands on one of this beautiful kits. Let´s hear what he has to say about this post-apocalyptic lad.


Peter: Some time ago I saw a painted version of this kit, done by the very talented Robert Carlsson (Rogland Studio) on Putty&Paint.

I´m not such a big fan of the post-apocalyptic world, as there is a quite good possibilty that we will end up there, but Robert´s paintjob made me curious about the kit. It´s a well-made piece and might be the first on this topic I will paint. 

Let´s have a closer look at what you get:

The first impression is pretty unremarkable. A small box, made of cardboard with a picture of the 3D-sketch on top. There have been better boxing solutions in the MU-reviews.

After opening the box, there is a simple bag with all the parts in it. In my opinion this is a quite risky way of selling a high quality cast. Too much pressure on the wrong side of the box could damage the fragile parts.

But, beside the packaging there is some nice stuff in the box. The kit consists of 8 parts:
  • body
  • 2 arms
  • head
  • AK-47
  • backpack
  • lamp
  • tube for the gasmask

Having a closer look at the parts, we discover a well-cast, highly detailed kit. For example, the body is covered in small detailed straps, pockets for magazines and other gadgets which support the "survival"-appearance:

There are almost no moldlines on the kit. The quality of the sculpt is very good and you have a lot of different structures, which makes it a very interesting and challenging model to paint.

My personal favourite is the head. I like the idea with the gasmask and the helmet. Simple, but full of possibilities for storytelling. 

The parts need only a little cleaning, which can be done in less then 10 minutes. They fit perfectly into each other, so there is no need of filling up any gaps. Just unpacking, building and ready for priming. Just the way I like it.

The only exception is the weapon: Due to the casting, there is quite a lot of material, which has to be removed. I did not try it yet, as I fear the gun might break, if it´s just laying around until I start to paint it. Nevertheless, the removement should not be too complicated. The resin is quite thin and if it´s handled with care, everything should be fine.


"Welcome to the Metro" is a very interesting kit. It´s highly detailed, well sculped and has a very good casting quality. The good balance between tiny, interesting details and larger areas for freehands make this kit a good investement, if you are interested in the post-apocalyptic topic. There are only minor flaws like the boxing. All in all this 75mm kit is worth the money and will give you some interesting hours at the painting table.

Scale: 75mm
Price: 42 EUR + shipping
Order: or via Facebook: NextStep Painting

I hope, you enjoyed this review and we will be back with more, soon :)

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