Old Barbarian

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa -he Jungle,

time for another project Roman did finish in the end of 2016.
Roman's studies of painting stuff up leads him to weird places. This result here is definatly one of these places. Roman calls it "genithal light" and enjoyed his studies on it a lot.

Good News is he did so many photos that he might be able to write a big article sooner or later on his thoughts, ways of achieving something and his steps while swinging the brushes on this old barbarian. Miniature is by Black Sun Miniatures and was a joy to paint.

Old Barbarian
Black Sun Miniatures, 75 mm

You can also find this project with too much genital light on Putty&Paint.
This project is in private collection. Thank you Mr. C. for your support in Roman's art, passion and work.

Keep on happy painting!


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