Franchise Draft - Football Players

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

you might remember the review we did on some cool looking
Football Player Models in 32 mm by Franchise Draft.

Their Kickstarter arrives in its final stage - four days left - and not much is missing to make this become alive. Maybe it just misses your help? Well, Roman decided to go for the angry Ref Miniature and the Heavy Metal Anthem singer, really cool.You can have a look over here:

Franchise Draft - Indigogo

In the meantime Roman also painted two of the reviewed players. Just for fun and joy. They look pretty cool and as Roman was asked to do photos of two painted players, painted by MG Studios from Spain - he also did photos of all four. Frankly, what amazes him the most is the superdynamic poses and action going on as soon as more of these miniatures come together. 

Check these:

Roman painted exactly the models he was reviewing last week. A catcher with the number 13:
 And a linebacker ready to tackle with the number 87:

Both painted on high gaming standard, but nothing too superfancy, only the shoes of number 13:

So superdynamic moves. 
Let's hope this comes alive!

Find Franchise Draft on facebook and help to develop:

Keep on happy painting!


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