Mu 94 - Kimera Models - Dumah, Lord of Bones

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 

This is review #94 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a project called "Dumah, Lord of Bones", by Kimera Models, sculpted by Hector Moran. Scale of the Model is 75 mm.

Find Kimera Models here:

Roman takes over with the review now.


Look what landed on my table.

This review took me a little longer than usual, but it makes it also special as I already painted the model to finish.

As you know we always write frank reviews on models that we present in such a MU. It will be no different with this one by ...

That was blunt advertisment, yes.
Frankly the box is just so sexy.

On the back you got a lot of information about the model and two version painted of this model. 

When you open it up it is still very sexy. A paper sheet of information appears.

The sheet of paper includes more information, the box arts again and on the inside a big poster of the artwork of the character "Dumah".

Very sexy indeed. 
Our painters heart strives to the upcoming content of the box. Shall we procedd?

Slowly ...

And tons of parts appear.

This is what makes this Kimera sculpt so special. Very common in smaller scales - for example Games Workshop sprues - you can decide how to build up your model from different poses and equipment. Very unusual for larger scales like this 75 mm range indeed, but with this kit you can. You can decide how to build your own Dumah character. That is sexy.

The presentation online, via the actual content of the box and the presentation of Kimera on events - for example - Monte San Savino Show is high end quality. High class. Every thumb up, even my toes.

Time to make some decisions, but first see what we got there.

First impression is really good.

Now this is a sword. Oversized? No, it is to slay oversized enemies.

Casual Mould lines here and there. Nothing to hard to handle on this quality resin.

This might be annoying, but time and effort will tell and hopefully nothing delicate will break.

These are the two very obvious mould line issues. Rest does look very good and should be no problem to get it ready for painting A really big plus on this sculpt is how good everything fits. High advantage of 3D sculpting I guess.

Everything is well prepared for smooth fixation, even the cool base.

The two heads and an icon that you can attach to his back and on it there you can attach the skeleton. Both, the face and helmet version do look so full of character. Can't wait to see someone paint up Skeletor.

Several shoulder pads, a chest plate, a shield or an arm without shield offer a variety of options.

The poor skeleton.

To be frank on the first impression I really enjoyed the grade of detail for example on the kneepad. On the second glimpse I miss some sharper edges and interesting volumes here. I believe also this is concerned to the 3D sculpt, but somehow I personally felt this while doing the review.

I am also confused on the looks of the fabrics. Just by the sculpt, they do look weird and do not seem to have wrinkles based on weight or wind. Well, that is just my personal oppinion.

Now to the fitting quality.

Some size comparisions of the main body.

The parts fit so well together. Really well thought of the Kimera team.
Wonderful, well done. Arm fits to body like arm should fit to body.

As I have already painted up this model on comission I can tell a little more on how it feels while painting it. Here are some angles on the finished model. More will follow soon via Massive Voodoo or can already be seen on Putty&Paint.

I gotta say I was scared first of some volumes might feel weird while painting them. Especially the ones who looked pretty much out of the 3D Printer. Also the pose is nothing very special, standing there presenting his oversized sword to kill oversized enemies. Well, I was wrong. I really enjoyed this paintjob. The character presented here is a true demon lord and the kit allows you to build up your vision of him. Painting wise it was a joy to breathe life into him. On some areas I was not able to paint edges like I used to as there were only strange edges, but this did push the breaks on my painting joy. It works and is enjoyable when you paint it.

So let me sum up my thoughts on this kit in this

+ A Fantasy sculpt with an original and fresh concept in 75 mm, that is rare
+ Multikit: Really cool to build your own unique version
+ high quality resin cast, great fitting quality
+ super high end product quality and presentation, very sexy
+ beginner friendly, even with so many parts
+ very fast from out of the boy to ready for painting
+ A lot of painting fun, paints by itself

- When the model is build in your vision you still got a lot of parts you do not have any use for. Maybe in the future these parts can be combined with future Kimera releases. 

- Not the cheapest model around, through the high quality and many optional resin parts

- Some parts of the model look very 3D, hard to explain, they do look different than on handmade sculpts. Maybe it is the style of the sculptor, but this was something I had to get used to. 

- A lot of painted versions of this model are available to see online (starting already on the release), this limits creativity of painters who want to find their own vision.


Always remember this is just my personal view on this cast. My honest and frank oppinion. 
I really enjoy the fresh ideas coming from the caves of the Kimera and I can not wait for future releases. 

Keep on happy painting!


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