Workspace Winners!

by Massive Voodoo

Welcome to the Jungle!
Good Morning Jungle Painters!

We are proud to present to you 
- instead of a skipped Tutorial Voting this week (Monte is ahead and Roman is already out of office and with it away from the Jungle from Wednesday on) - the winners of MV's Birthday Celebrations:
The Workspace Gallery Winners!

We want to thank everyone 
who joined and made that gallery so beautiful with all your small temples of colors and meditation. If you missed it you can enjoy the full gallery here.

We were also really happy to see so many MV Ultimate Paintracks in many photos.
Remember we need your feedback over here! 
MV stickers all around, that is great! Wait for it!
We might have a surprise.

Now it was Roman's turn to decide for his personal winners,
judging what can not be judged. Please know that Roman decided just from his guts. From a feeling, there are no criterias you can judge such a thing and this is the only way you can do it. Please do not get angry if you did not win. Anger is bad.

Important: Winner Tasks 
If you are one of these three winners, then your upcoming tasks are the following:

- Write an email to mv(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com,
 subject: Workspace Winner, *yourname*
- Please write your skpye name and your real name once again
- It is not on us to decide who skypes with whom. That's what we decided. Rather more we start with winner #1 to decide for one of the three MV monkeys, then winner #2 will be the one to choose and winner #3 gets the third monkey.


#1 - Diana
"This workspace is just so calm and yet so wild. So simple, so effectiv. Beautiful in its simplicity and was one of a kind in the overall gallery. Syle with the white walls and alive with the wood. Feels limited, but endlessly open the same time. Love the window."  - Roman

Diana did choose to skype with Roman.

#2 - Sandra
"A palace of paint for two persons. We saw several of these in the gallery, everyone adorable, but this one is so special in its symetrie which is not perfect. It looks special also in terms of people who paint there. They enjoy sitting there, being together and enjoying themselves while everyone is one is own journey through paint and colors and mysterious dreaming into far and further fantasy worlds. I would love to see the window throwing in light to this." 
 - Roman

Sandra did choose to skype with ...

#3 - Jonas 
"The most ridicolous and fabolous workspace I have ever seen. Looks like a closet, feels like a closet. Looks like one square metre at all, but also a place where your back gets stronger with a ergonomic chair. A strong back is always good when you are a painter. When looking at this I feel like a little future Manga city was build in a too tiny closet. And everything is busy, but well organised. A skyscraper on its own. Love it!" - Roman

Jonas can not choose, but we got news for you soon!


Roman wrote a short comment 
to all of your entries. Check them here and we hope you enjoy them.
Thanks for being a part of this and sharing and celebrating with us.

One special prize 
was made available by Sebastian himself without knowing about it.
He had the biggest number of MV stickers in one photo:

#39: Sebastian
"Clearly focused on one thing: Painting! And most number of MV stickers in one photo. This deserves a special prize." - Roman 

You will recieve a painted Hasslefree Model by Roman: Pilot Vic is yours now!
Please contact Roman via Mail at jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com

Happy painting everyone around the globe and we hope you enjoyed MV birthday celebrations.
We will celebrate again next year. No doubt.

Your MV-Team


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