In the wake of MSS 2016

by Massive Voodoo

The jungle is back from Italy 
where we enjoyed a fantastic Monte San Savino Show 2016.

Your MV-Team is writing the MV Monte San Savino Show 2016 review soon for the blog or are already on it ...

Different views on Monte from a hilltop

but we also bring you other news:

The jungle blog might bounce a little bit less in the next couple of weeks as Roman is pretty busy until the end of the year. He is heading out to one of MV's Jar's beginner classes in Madrid, Spain in about less than two weeks - still some few seats are left if you want to join in, check the above link! - followed by another MV's Jar's Beginner Class really close to it in Herne, near Bochum, Germany and one final private coaching for this year.

A lot of stuff to prepare and also as the season of painting soon ends together with the year 2016 Roman has to pack a lot of his projects to ship them out to collectors, catch up with office work and prepare everything for a smooth blend of the old year into the new year. Main focus will be on these things and Roman takes some weeks off from blogging, tutorial voting.
He is quite sure you will see some blogposts by his monkeybrothers of the MV-Team dropping in.

So far - soon with the review of MSS2016 and a ultrabigupdate on the MV Zombie Community Project.



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