Khârn the Betrayer & Undead Sentinel

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

Peter was quite active in the last weeks and is pushing some of his work in progress stuff toward the finish line. Today he wants to tell you a bit about his latest piece: Khârn the Betrayer

I love the background of Khârn since I read my first 40k-rulebook so many years ago. The old Citadel model was a beauty of its time and still has its special character today. When I heard that GW was doing a new version I knew, I had to paint it. The goal was not to push all my energies into it, but to get a good distraction from all these complicated projects which are standing on my table. I just wanted to paint a nice little badass-crazed Space Marine like back in the old days :)

I´m fascinated with the 40k lore and especially with the four big cult-legions. Every of them has its own special character which is an extreme of important aspects of today´s humanity: anger, decay, lust and change. They are perverted puppets owned by the chaos entities which are themselfs a mirror to us. But when you have a closer look at the four big chaos gods and read the books of the old days from GW, you see that these entities were designed as some kind of philosophical discourse. They are symbols for our bad extremes, but always keep a sparc of positiveness in themself: anger & honor, decay & new life, lust & love, (negative) change & (positive) change... 

While painting the miniatures I saw the same positive sparc in the cult legions and especially here in Khârn. It was a really interesting paintjob and I was brooding a lot during the paintjob...

Some more pictures:

You can find him here on Putty&Paint: CLICK

If you like, you can make Khârn your own. He is placed on his standard gaming base which can be removed from the plinth.You will find him in my catalogue in the MV Sales Area: CLICK

And now I´d like to give you a sneakpic on my actual project: it´s the Sentinel of R´lyeh
which was sculpted by Raffa and which you can get via FeR Miniatures.

Honestly, the bust was standing in my cabinet for quite a while. It´s a beautiful piece of work, but I was never sure about the colours I had to chose for it. I think this is also the hardest part when working on this bust. But as soon as you know your way, it´s almost painting itself. The picture aboove is the result of four hours of painting. There is still a lot to do and I´m actually working on the metallics, which is a bit tireing. I´m nevertheless enjoy the bust a lot and I´m curious where the road will end :)

Looking foreward to your comments. What do you think?



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