Mu90 - Queen of the North, Nutsplanet

by Massive Voodoo

Time for another review on MV. 

This is review #90 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a project called "Queen of the North", by Nuts Planet,
sculpted by Jun Sik Ahn. Promotional Box Art Paintjob by Myeong ha Hwang.

Roman takes over with the review now.

First impression out of that sturdy box drops only one piece. One piece. Unusal.

The bust is at 60,00 $. 
Compared to other figure brands this is a reasonable price for a 1/10 bust and the quality of Nutsplanet pieces we painted so far have been worth the money, no doubt.

There comes Winter ...

The quality of the cast on first sight is marvellous. Look at that fur, the winterfell emblem on her chest, her hair ... wait a second ...

Somehow her nose looks a little bit too long. It's a fact and as we do frankly reviews and here we are with a nose that seems to big for the original tv-series' character. Allright. Confusing, but there is no reason to tell you stories about we did not seeing it. It's just like that.

Allright, back to the front. All seems good here and we see Sansa Stark of House Winterfell.

Like said earlier, the level of detail and sculpting quality is enourmous.


A great cast that does not need much preparation.

The resin Nutsplanet casts their models with is high end quality

Her haircut is beautifully sculpted.

Here to the right and left you can see what has to be removed. That's all.

Haircut again. Man, wonderfully sculpted.

Sansa getting ready for priming beside others in line.
Indeed. Preparation on this sculpt is just some 5 Minutes. Wonderful.

Allright, let's speak about the nose again. 
So far Nutsplanet has done wonderful jobs in recreating characters we all love.
Sansa here is no different. She catches the character out of the tv series very good.
Do not be a racist at all, not even with nosesize.  Still it is confusing, but everyone has to deal with confusion by his own.

Her nose is a little bit too big and that is confusing,
but Roman enjoyed painting her a lot.

Roman's paintjob:
If you want to see more photos of this painted bust, 

Allright, except the nose thingy this bust is worth every dollar.
If you do not paint the nose too red it should also not draw too much attention. It is a small mistake I would have wished for not to happen on such a delicate character that Nutsplanet is copying here, but it happened. For fans of the series it is confusing and so it was for me while painting her, Everytime I got closer to the nose I got confused, but just painted something else again.

No matter the nose, for me this is Sansa and I really enjoyed painting her.

If you want to get yours, please find here a list of Nutsplanet retailers:

Keep on happy painting!


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