Review: Private Coaching with Hon

by Massive Voodoo

Hello ladies and gentleman,

time for another private coaching review.

This summer our friend Hon from Hong Kong visited us for a private coaching about the topic atmosphere. It was his third two day private coaching with Raffa and Roman for Hon and this time we had even more fun than the last ones.

Summer Time oohhhooo!

Hon? Marrow Productions? 
Yes, Hon from Marrow Productions. We know that their Kickstarter is behind their schedule and due some recent not so good communications on informing their backers some people got angry ... but STOP. 

Massive Voodoo is not the right place to put your thoughts about a total different thing, not concerning Massive Voodoo at all. Please contact Marrow Productions via their facebook, their Kickstarter or their contact forms. Good News is they are back on track, production wise and communication wise. Please do not spam here! Thank you!

Our topic was painting atmosphere and Roman and Raffa enjoyed teaching this complex topic together pretty much. The bust Hon painted was Major Tom by FER Miniatures. A great bust to paint it very atmospheric as it is a guy lost in space, kind of. Depending on everyones vision.

After several hours full of theory and exercises we were able to start with the bust. Quickly the bust was catching fire concerning the atmospheric look as all the prior done theory hit home already.

Preparing the different parts ...

Hon was sketching the atmosphere, the right hues, the right shadows and lights ...

Day 1 passed by with a lot of things achieved.

Everyone of us was looking forward to day 2. 
No theory anymore, mainly painting time. Pushing things and visions forward. Still some good thoughts were made on how to build on top of this so far created atmosphere. All three of us did ask one question: "What color is happening between the cold and warm?" ... Raffa found out via a rendered Zbrush example that we miss purple/magenta here. No one thought of purple but it worked so well.

Contrast and detail and smoothness were pushed too. This was Hon's result on a very complex bust and private coaching topic. This is still Work in Progress but Hon finished it at home. 

This private coaching has quite the weird group photo as Raffa and Roman had to go to a Hippie-themed party and were checking trousers while we made that photo. No other exists, that is why we can not show you another one. Sorryio!

And Hon's finished version of Major Tom can be found via Putty&Paint. So cool!
Hon made Raffa and Roman truely proud teachers with his will to learn and push forward while being on his journey as a miniature painter.

Hon's finished version.

Keep on happy painting and
if you want to organise your private coaching for 2017 with us, check this link!


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