Unfortunately ... Jungle News

by Massive Voodoo

... there won't be the "Azog - White Orc" tutorial this week. 


Well, Roman returned home from a really cool trip to Denmark yesterday evening, where he held MV's Jar's Beginners Class #52 and is still a little tired. Like he said last week when he started his journey he is off for about two weeks.

Roman will start regular blog/office/studio work next week Monday. 

So far, Roman wants to say thanks for great hospitality in Hamburg and in Copenhagen and a wonderful weekend class. As always when staying in Hamburg's Wu Dao Kung Fu school there is the tradition to make a drunk Dojo photo posing stupidly. This time Roman was without Raffa, not really drunk, but found  good company still:

Today Roman takes a day off and tomorrow he is heading out to his dad's place for two days of private coaching about painting oil color on canvas, a hobby his dad recently started. Last year Roman's dad turned 60 and Roman really enjoys to see his dad painting canvas. Now it is time for the son to help his dad in this matter. Dad and Son time ahead:)
It's just me, my dad and I and color :)

Roman is looking forward to next week, but now he is off with good reasons :)
Keep on happy painting everybody!



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