Katari - Shaman Woman of the Izla Tribe

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

another finished project from Roman's table.
This beautiful bust by Black Crow Miniatures was sculpted by the talented
Romain van den Bogeart. Roman was inpsired by playing the computer game "Far Cry - Primal" a while back and we think that it is a good thing that he gets so inspired by such games.

The bust, originally named "Morrigan" was started by Roman during a two day MV private coaching session with Evgeny and Roman. Roman finished her some days after the coaching. We hope you like her! Future step by step in progress :)

Katari - Shaman Woman of the Izla Tribe
Black Crow Miniatures, 1:9

You also find her on Putty&Paint
with some additional photos.

The bust is for sale and if you want to support the jungle and get something unique in return check the painted Miniature Art that the monkeys on MV have for sale:


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