Mountain Ogre and Miniatures on Sale

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

Peter has recently finished some minis. Today he will show us his version of Roman´s Ogre and tell us a bit about it:

At the moment I enjoy painting so much. 
Roman´s Advanced Class has given me some very important energies back. The Ogre bust was my first bigger paintjob after finishing the workshop miniature Hayden and it has been a very enlightening experience.

Beside learning how to deal with atmosphere and how to apply it on a project, the class has somehow opened my mind. In the last years I was a bit struck in my way of painting. Perhaps some of you might remember my big project Theseus´ Destiny, which I finished for Duke of Bavaria 2014. After I entered it into the contest and won my silver medal, I felt like I had to achieve at least the same quality on every new paintjob I started. Well, we all know that these attempts are always about to fail as there are so many things that have an influence on your work. Daily troubles, lack of motivation, wrong colors... no matter what it is, you are not always in balance and this affects your skills, positive and negative.

Nevertheless I knew these facts, I tried to push myself to the maximum. However this does not help very much, it rather results in frustration and so your work will never be "satisfying". But happily attitudes can change. During the Advanced Class I learnt that you can fix anything that "has gone wrong". There is nothing in painting that could be called "wrong". It´s just a temporary state and you just have to identify the things that bother you about your project. If you have, just simply fix them and learn while doing it. You have all the tools at hand (brushes & paint). Don´t give up. If you need a break, take it and put your project back into the cabinet for as long as it takes until you want to continue working on it. But never give up! If you feel like there is nothing else to do, call it finished and enjoy the moment.

So, the Ogre had his difficulties, too. It´s a beautiful bust with lovely volumes, which are a pleasure to paint. But its complexity lies in its large areas of skin. These were challenging, but we are not here to take the same roads over and over again. They get boring. With new ways and new challenges comes the joy of painting and if you know that you can´t do anything wrong, there is nothing to fear. So, I took the challenge and enjoyed the paintjob a lot. I hope you like it :)

Mountain Ogre
sculpt by Roman Lappat, 1:11

You can find additional pictures here: Putty&Paint
The bust is for Sale!

There is something I want to annouce: as my cabinet it getting crowded, I want to sell some of my older projects. I hope they will find a nice new home and somebody who enjoy them as much as I do :)

If you are interested in buying one of the following, feel free to contact me: baphomet[at]massivevoodoo[dot]com

Theseus´ Destiny
Figures by Figone, 85mm & Zvezda, 1:72
On display base

Forged Monkey, 90mm

The Rising
Figures by Mantic Games, 28mm
On display base

Metal Models, 54mm
On display base

Figure by Castle Miniatures, 120 mm

Figure by Pegaso, 90 mm

Figure by Pegaso, 54 mm
On display base



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