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by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

this week's wednesday (tomorrow) Roman is heading out to travel to Copenhagen for his #52 of his MV's Jar's Beginners class and his first painting class in Denmark. He is mucho looking forward to it and a full class with 26 students.

Thanks to Jakob and Peter for doing such great organisations, now it is soon time for happy painting! As Roman is doing final travel and class preparations he just wants to tell - right here, right now - he will be offline for a while, here in da Jungle, mails and on everywhere else too. There might be travel and class updates, but definatly with a big maybe. When he returns home next week tuesday he will take one day off and then is up to a private coaching with his dad about painting on canvas with oil color. So all in all, you can say Roman is off for two weeks now :)

As romours said there might be really cool activity by some of the other MV monkeys!
Stay tuned! Roman says goodbye for a while and musica!

If you want to a have a good read through a Mad Max Car Step by Step, follow this link to see how Jeanette did build up her car! german language

Keep on happy painting!


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