Tutorial Voting: Cold Viking Orcs

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

Tuesday again and time for tutorial voting via MV's year of the painter 2.
This week's voting result will be revealed on Friday.

Houston, we had a problem...
A monkey in space messed up the last tutorial voting without making sure everything was set up properly to launch the tutorial space shuttle. The step by step of Azog wasn't finished yet and Roman still was on travel to his beginner's class in Denmark.

So, while "Azog, the white Orc" won the last tutorial voting, we had to delay the Azog tutorial by a week until Roman returned and we did delay it even further as Roman was taking two weeks off. Now should be the time for "Azog", but somehow it does not feel right, just writing an article when so many more are in the pipeline.

To get things right for Houston we do it like this:
Regular Tutorial Voting for this week but Azog starts with 15 votes plus. Let's see if he will make it.

If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far iN MV's year of the painter 2
please check this link!
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SBS - Cold Vikings
A step by step by Roman. Voting for this step by step will take you into Viking country. Two models under Roman's brush. One bust, one 75 mm figure, both being placed in cold atmosphere. Read Roman's thoughts on both paintjobs and about their progress in this tutorial.

#02 ---> with 15 votes plus from the start!
SBS - Azog the White Orc
A step by step by Roman. With it you are entering his mind through the process of a very big bust he recently did: Azog. A brutal paintjob delivered to the bust. Finish version can be seen here! Expect a brutal step by step.

Happy Voting!


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