Mu81 - Broken Toad, MK2 Brush Set

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle Maniacs, 
today it is time for another material review on MV. 

This is review #81, if you are interested in getting to know more products we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

In Mu54 we took a closer look on some fresh new brushes by Broken Toad. Kolinsky Sables. They were actually quite decent, but Kris from BrokenToad decided to improve them even more. Of course he asked the jungle to have a proper look on them. Roman is taking over with the review now - we hope you enjoy!


we are reviewing the Miniature Series MK2 Brush Set, which is at 24 GBP + shipping for four high quality brushes, which is actually quite the good deal. 

"This brush set contains four brushes, sizes 2,1,0 & 3/0, one of each of the sizes available in the BrokenToad Miniature Series MK2 range, all presented in a contemporary styled gift box."

The set arrives in a really nice box:

The brushes inside are well packed ...

There is even a small piece of paper which reminds you on caring for your brushes and how to - nice addition:

The tip of the brushes.
No need for saying to much here as a good brush can only be find while painting.

I gave two of the brushes to my painting voodoo buddy Peter for testing. I do the other two. This was about 2,5 months ago. Since then we painted with them. Testing them for different purposes.

"Roman gave me two of the Brokentoad (BT) brushes (sizes, 0 & 1) for testing and to get another opinion for this review. I usually only use the Windsor&Newton (W&N) brushes, but the ones from BT are an useful addition to my armory of painting tools. In contrast to W&N, I got the feeling that BT brushes have a bit stronger/stiffer hairs. They don´t bend/"flow" so easily like the W&N brushes, when it comes to painting. Even if this is needs some time to get used to at the beginning, I don´t want to miss this effect, now. I use the BT brushes if I need clean, straight lines (e.g. for freehands) or if I want to paint small textures (e.g. for clothes). Combined with their quite good durability and if they match your style of  painitng, they are a very good alternative to W&N."

I painted the two of mine hardcore without showing them much love. This is my bad habbit, I do not take too much care of my brushes. They are tools. I sometimes clean them, should do more often. Anyhow, for checking on the new brushes this is a good way of testing :)

What can I say:
The first Broken Toad Brushes were good, these are better. Kris achieved his goal. They have a great tip and have a nice stiff touch you can work with really well. The hair feels being higher quality then the first ones and they do their job as a tool pretty well. Glazing, Layering, pushing, pulling, fine lines, fine dots ... easy going with the brushes by Broken Toad.

I can definatly recommend them, they are a good addition to my collection of brushes. As the set is coming in some kind of gift box they are also a good present for every miniature painter you know and call friend. Think about their birthday!

Even after some months of using them hardcore they still have a good tip and stiff hair. Now I just need to get myself a brush soap by Broken Toad.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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